Property Management Firm Automates Protocols and Creates Web-based Data Center

Property Management Firm Automates Protocols and Creates Web-based Data Center
"We are enthralled with your product... I don't think I've ever seen a group of people take to a product and incorporate it at the level we have. We refer to it as if it's another staff member! We call her 'Cee Dee.'"
- Merrie Turner Lightner, VP and CFO

About Lightner Property Group

Lightner Property Group is a San Francisco-based property management and development firm specializing in the management of income properties and other real estate assets, development and acquisition of new residential communities and consulting and expert witness services.

The firm's principals are attorneys and brokers with over 25 years of hands-on experience managing, developing and problem solving the issues related to real property. Lightner Property Group operates as a real estate advisor, manager and consultant, as well as a developer for its own account. The firm also act as court-appointed receivers and asset managers.

The Challenge: Dispersed Data and Excess Staff Time Needed to Execute Protocols

After being in operation for 25 years, Lightner Property Group accumulated a vast amount of information and data that was all stored in dispersed filing cabinets. The company had protocols for key resident and tenant communications; however staff members had to manually perform all steps, which expended company time. Investors and clients also sometimes requested financial reports during off-business hours, requiring wait time. Finally, Lightner Property Group's resident managers worked off site, creating a need for a Web-based data portal that could be accessed from anywhere.

The Goal: Finding an Effective Collaboration Tool after a Two Year Search

Lightner Property Group needed an easy-to-use collaboration tool that would store data in a central location, manage workflow and simplify reporting. After searching and testing various tools for two years, they were still unable to find an effective solution that suited their needs.

The Solution: Central Desktop as a Web-Based Data Center and "Virtual Staff Member"

Central Desktop allowed Lightner Property Group to upload all their data online, where clients could easily access their own information from their respective workspaces - saving thousands of dollars in phone bill costs and time. Lightner Property Group employees were also able to track documents in real-time, and make it a virtual filing cabinet for the company. Files and receipts could be found in seconds, the numbers were always up to date and key documents were always on-hand.

Additionally, reports were made in a streamlined and timely manner, as Lightner Property Group easily created useful reports without ever having to export to Excel. Central Desktop's workflow solutions also allowed Lightner Property Group to automate its resident and tenant protocols. For example, whenever a tenant filed a work order request, Central Desktop would automatically send an email to a vendor to let them know they've been assigned the work order.

After two years, Lightner Property Group finally made Central Desktop its collaboration tool, and they say it's become like "another staff member."

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Summary: Property Management Firm Automates Protocols and Creates Web-based Data Center
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Real Estate