MLB Advanced Media Improves Organization with Workflows

MLB Advanced Media Improves Organization with Workflows
"Handling MLB’s 30 team sites gets to be extremely complicated. Central Desktop keeps us organized."
- Rob Boysko, Manager, Multimedia Publishing

MLB Advanced Media

MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) is the Internet and interactive media arm of Major League Baseball (MLB) and operates the league's website, The site offers news, schedules, standings, and statistics from around the league as well as information on each of MLB's 30 teams. The site also provides live audio and video game broadcasts for subscribers.

The Challenge: Managing Internal Communication and Collaboration

Rob Boysko, Manager of Multimedia Publishing at MLBAM, originally started using the Workgroup Edition of Central Desktop with his team as a way to share links to frequently used sites and tools. He also utilized the announcements section to alert his team members about new projects rather than sending out emails which were difficult to track.

As Rob continued using Central Desktop and learned more about its features, he realized the tool could add more value if its usage was broadened within MLBAM. Rob saw the potential in leveraging Central Desktop as a way to communicate between the Multimedia team's core three groups - Publishing, Production and Floor Production.

The three groups worked heavily with each other to manage all of video content posted on and each of the 30 team sites. This process required a lot of collaboration that was previously done through verbal communication and saving spreadsheets to their network drives. But as MLBAM began taking on more projects and the amount of content the groups were managing continued to grow, this method of communication was no longer sufficient.

The Solution: Leveraging Central Desktop's Databases and Workflows

Rob decided to upgrade MLBAM's Central Desktop account to the Enterprise Edition in order to accommodate more users and take advantage of additional functionality such as the databases and workflows. An intranet was set up as a central area for the Publishing, Production and Floor groups to access common materials. Separate workspaces were set up for major projects such as 2011 Gamenight. This workspace allows the team to communicate with other MLBAM departments outside of Multimedia and expedite video posting on the site, in articles, on social networking sites and portable devices.

The feature that MLBAM used most heavily and felt was most critical was Central Desktop's databases and workflows. MLBAM used the databases to track information such as daily content budgets, links to video clips and posting instructions. MLBAM also used the workflow feature between the three groups to create daily tasks for themselves. For example, a workflow rule could be set up so that when the Production group changed the status of a video to final, it triggered an alert to Publishing to post the clip on

Additionally, MLBAM used workflows to manage when content needed to be posted and taken down. Clips were entered into databases with post dates and kill dates that sent alerts to ensure that the clips were live on the proper dates. By leveraging Central Desktop's databases and workflow features, MLBAM was able to create a very effective system for managing content. Using Central Desktop helped keep MLBAM organized and facilitated collaboration between the Publishing, Production and Floor groups. According to Rob, "Central Desktop gives us the knowledge and ability to do our jobs."

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Summary: MLB Advanced Media Improves Organization with Workflows
Headquarters: New York, NY
Industry: Entertainment