Internet Marketing Firm Improves Team Communication and Organization with Over 300 Clients

Internet Marketing Firm Improves Team Communication and Organization with Over 300 Clients
"Since we started using Central Desktop, there's been at least a 50% increase in the effectiveness of our communication and organization."
- Fabiano Moura, COO

About Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility offers online marketing services such as search engine optimization, pay per click management, reputation management and social media marketing. Increase Visibility is located in Aliso Viejo, California and serves clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies.

The Challenge: Managing 300 Clients Internally

With more than 300 clients, five company divisions and 15 teams, Increase Visibility needed a central hub to house all of its project and client information. Each client had numerous files and documents associated with its account that needed to be saved somewhere that the entire team could access. The team also needed an easy way to hold internal discussions about the client projects.

Having an easily accessible archive of all client work was particularly important to Increase Visibility's executive team as well. "From an operations standpoint, I need to be able to go to one place that lets me see at a glance where we are with each division and its tasks," said Fabiano Moura, COO of Increase Visibility.

The Solution: Central Desktop Helps Organize Teams and Client Management

Increase Visibility was previously using Basecamp but as the company grew, Fabiano recognized the need for a more robust collaboration tool. After evaluating several other solutions, the company selected Central Desktop for its breadth of features, including its integration with Microsoft Outlook.

With some help from the Central Desktop support team, Increase Visibility's files were transferred from Basecamp over one weekend. After a few months of ramp up time, Increase Visibility developed an effective system for using Central Desktop including a training process for new employees and workspace templates for clients.

As soon as a new client was signed on, a workspace was created and the documents outlining what services were sold were saved in it. The assigned team would then be invited into the workspace and begin building out the client project's tasks and milestones. This way everything was monitored and tracked throughout the duration of the project.

Using Central Desktop as a centralized repository for files and discussions improved Increase Visibility's productivity by at least 50%. Fabiano also felt that because the teams were communicating more effectively through Central Desktop, Increase Visibility enjoyed a 25% increase in client retention.

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Summary: Internet Marketing Firm Improves Team Communication and Organization with Over 300 Clients
Headquarters: Aliso Viejo, CA