FleishmanHillard uses Central Desktop to improve internal collaboration within the creative department

FleishmanHillard uses Central Desktop to improve internal collaboration within the creative department
"Central Desktop is a huge factor in the revenue growth of this department"
- Brandi Friel, senior vice president, creative integration

Powerhouse agency solves workflow challenges and boosts revenue growth with Central Desktop®

About FleishmanHillard

FleishmanHillard is a complete communications agency in the world, capable of reaching any audience, with any message, through any channel. A time-tested giant in the field of communications, FleishmanHillard bases its philosophy on the "power of true." Founded in 1946 in St. Louis, the firm has blossomed into a global powerhouse, adapting with new technology and expanding campaign offerings to encompass public relations, public affairs, marketing, paid media, and transmedia and social content. Its client list includes Procter & Gamble, Energizer, AT&T and General Motors.

The challenge: lack of version control, lack of accountability and a knowledge management process that was too work-intensive to be sustainable

Part of any forward-thinking agency's mission is to constantly improve not only the client work itself, but the ways in which that work is done. When Meredith Bradshaw (senior vice president, digital) and Brandi Friel (senior vice president, digital & creative integration) surveyed their office's work processes, they found ways to reinvent how their team worked together.

On the traffic management side, collaboration was typically limited to forms and Word documents shuttling back and forth.

"Half the files were in somebody's email, the other half were on the shared drive, and it was unclear which files were the most recent - we had a lot of that," says Bradshaw.

The solution: collaboration platform built specifically for marketing agencies

With IT on board, Bradshaw and Friel spent a couple months working closely with the Central Desktop implementation team to develop a solution - which they quickly nicknamed "The Hub" - designed not just for agencies, but customized to fit FleishmanHillard. They initially rolled out The Hub in beta to the 15-20 people working most intensively with the creative team.

All of the team's design projects are now housed within databases on The Hub and the majority of its digital projects are managed in custom workspaces. By running simple filters, designers are able to see the projects that pertain just to them and digital project members are able to track tasks, deadlines and deliverables at-a-glance.

"It's almost at the point where if it's in an email but it's not in The Hub, it doesn't exist," Friel says.

Gone, then, are the days of missing a deadline or key detail because it was forgotten or out of sight, out of mind. Gone are the days of losing access to a file or project because its owner is out sick. Gone are the days of one person scrambling to archive all of the information related to a given client project.

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Summary: FleishmanHillard uses Central Desktop to improve internal collaboration within the creative department
Headquarters: St. Louis, MO
Industry: Publishing, Design